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Membership Eligibility

Members should have an interest in advancing the development of effective social work leadership in health care in general, and working with this organization in particular, to promote activities and educational programs in order to strengthen and develop social work leadership in Texas health care arenas. Applicants for membership shall meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Social workers with leadership, clinical or consultant responsibilities in health care settings;
  • Non-social workers who have primary responsibility for social work programs in health care institutions;
  • Individuals who are involved in the education of social workers in a school accredited by the Council on Social Work Education;
  • Students enrolled in a CSWE accredited social work degree program with an interest in health care;
  • Members in good standing who continue to pay dues, but by nature of a change or advancement in position no longer meet the eligibility requirements in other categories.

Membership Categories


Individuals who hold a Bachelor or Master or Doctoral degree from a School of Social Work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or who currently hold Texas state license at the LBSW or LMSW level.

Associate Member and Student Member

Individuals who do not hold a degree from a School of Social Work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education nor currently hold licensure at the LMSW or LBSW level. Students with an interest in healthcare who are enrolled in a CSWE accredited Bachelor or Master social work program. Associate membership includes all benefits with the exception of eligibility for elected office.

Emeritus Member

Retired individuals who, before their retirement, met the eligibility requirements for Member or Associate Member. Emeritus membership includes those benefits for which the member qualified prior to retirement, excluding eligibility for the offices of President-elect and member of the Committee on Nominations. To join the Association, download the Membership and Renewal Information Form and mail the completed form and dues payment back to the Association office at SSWLHC - Texas Chapter, 3800 N. Mesa STE. A-2 #124, El Paso, Texas 79902.

Click here to download the membership application.